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a musical Maestro

C. Banerjee fondly known as Dada founded Jhankaar in 1998, he is a passionate performer & teacher with strong values. Coming from a rich Indian classical heritage of singers, Dada has performed 200 plus Live shows across 13 countries.


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musical dreams!

Jhankaar’s where budding singers, musicians & composers are transformed into great performing artists. Learn Indian & Western music staff notation through modern teaching methods under an expert faculty.


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with Jhankaar!

Welcome to the musical world of Jhankaar, where our powerful & pitch perfect instruments come with a pledge to make your music sound better! Own your life changing, career-defining instrument now.


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Our advanced courses train you in Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Vocals and, groom you for the best performance of your life! Turn your passion into a promising music career & achieve the highest level of success.



We at Jhankaar truly believe that music can change lives and now’s the best time to pursue a music career. Learn traditional Indian and Western staff notations through modern technology, projectors & audio-video training that help you grow as an artist. Our highly talented, professional faculty hones your talent and guides you to success in the music industry.



Get 100% original instruments. Browse through the best Guitars, Flutes, Violins, devices, and instrument accessories that are comfortable to hold, have strong bodies, create great sounds and give superlative quality assurance. If you need additional accessories and equipment for your instrument, we provide that too! Empower your music with Jhankaar.



Our mentors go through the toughest selection process to form an exceptional faculty of highly trained, talented professionals who are musically literate and passionate about teaching. Learn from the best music Gurus who are Live performers, well versed in staff notations and have a strong music base. Give your musical gift right training for spectacular success.


Student’s Courses

Our courses are designed for guided learning that can strengthen your foundation of musical understanding. Whether you’re a beginner or have learnt some basics earlier, or are simply confused as to what to learn, our faculty can guide and groom you for the Music industry experience.

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Professional’s Courses

Don’t let office hours stop you from becoming a musical wonder. We have specialized courses for working professionals with flexible training timings that are easy to grasp. If you have a thirst to master your Vocals or the Drums, Guitar or Piano, join us and let your music thrive!

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Homemaker’s Courses

A homemaker’s job is possibly the toughest & often goes unacknowledged. Reward yourself with a musical education that will not only enrich your life, but also help you pass on this gift of musical knowledge to your kids. Join us, boost your confidence and create your own legacy.

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Senior’s Courses

Learning never stops if you’re young at heart! Have no regrets, pursue your long lost singing hobby. Our  courses specially cater to your learning curve and help you easily memorize the songs of your choice. Feel comfortable with mentors who encourage your learning spirit, confidence and creativity.

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Receive a music education that’ll prove to be the launch pad for your success story in the Music & Entertainment industry. Learn Indian & Western music in a highly progressive method.

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Stay updated about everything music! Get all the information, tips & guidance you need to know about the music industry, singing, live performances, music and playing instruments.

November 14, 2018by admin

Music is everywhere and it is hard to imagine a part of the world where there’s no music. If you are a music lover attending music classes and want to turn into a professional performer, start planning now and attend these super music festivals. But wait; do you know which are the top music festivals in the world? If not, we bring you the biggest festivals every musician must experience.

November 14, 2018by admin

This year is soon going to end, but the music mania will live on. If you are a die-hard music lover or just a beginner attending music classes, a part of you will forever be grateful if you attend these upcoming music festivals in India. Though these musical extravaganzas are at different places in India, it doesn’t really matter.

November 14, 2018by admin

From Playback Singer to Sound Engineer, today a B.A in music can easily help you join the elite list of musicians in India and the world. But, how is it possible? More than ever, students have started to choose different career paths and there are many academies now which offer music classes and certificate courses of International standards.

Our courses provide the following:

playicon Advantage of exclusivity and personalized training from the masters of music

playicon Strengthen your Indian / Western base & develop your musical understanding

playicon Get trained as per your calibre and learning curve

playicon State of the art technology and resources

playicon The best audio-video methods that are easy to grasp

playicon Get transformed into a professional talent that is industry ready

Now is possibly the best time to be an artist. Prepare for your stellar performance with