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Enhance your musical intelligence and shape your music career
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Drums Classes

Are you irresistibly drawn to the drum beats? In that case, begin your drumming dream with one of the leading music institutes in Mumbai. Our Drum classes are solely aimed at building you as a versatile performer who can set the stage on fire every time you take those sticks.

Our highly qualified and passionate mentors along with the advanced syllabus will help you learn the rhythm, control, coordination of beats, modern techniques & other dynamics of playing the drum. We have 3 month’s, 6 month’s, 12 month’s and 2 year’s course duration structures as per your needs. The defining feature of our programs is that the efficient preparation module enables you to take exams from renowned International boards like Trinity College and London’s Rock & Pop by the end of the course.

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Piano Classes

Begin your journey of being a Pianist under the perfect guidance of music wizards at Jhankaar Music School. Be a solo performer or become a part of a band with highly professional Piano classes.

Whether you are a beginner or a hobbyist, you can choose from our unique range of courses with 3 months, 6 months, 12 months & 2 years program duration. These are structured to cover the basic and advanced teaching of the Piano. Theory of music, composition & latest trends in the music industry is taught by our experienced mentors.

The smart classrooms, cutting-edge facilities & modern teaching methodology impart best in class education to piano enthusiasts. The students receive training based on staff notations so that you can be prepared to play & compose new music at the highest level.

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Keyboard Classes

Take your passion for Keyboard to the next level. Start on the right note with the leading music academy in Mira Road -Bhayandar and Mumbai. Learn the dynamics of playing the keyboard and become a professional.

The keyboard being one of the most popular instruments, we offer a distinct learning experience to our students. Our in-depth teaching focused on music notation stands out and separates us from other music schools in Mumbai. The courses include 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 2 years professional training programs. Master the techniques, advanced concepts, interpretation of music sheets, composition, timing, scales and other nuances of the Keyboard under the music gurus who are achievers in their respective fields.

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Receive a music education that’ll prove to be the launch pad for your success story in the Music & Entertainment industry. Learn Indian & Western music in a highly progressive method.

Vocal Training Classes

Aiming to be the next singing, superstar? Join our 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 2 years program. Our courses are uniquely designed to suit you. they cover the singing fundamentals required for the beginner. The intermediate and advanced courses focus on developing your vocal skills and enhance your potential to the maximum limit. The highlight of our training includes a special emphasis on dedicated practice sessions, effective diction, breathing, high notes, posture, compression control, crescendos and other techniques to get you closer to your dream.

The group of renowned vocal trainers at our music school provides training in traditional methods blended with modern tools required to improve your vocal techniques. Our advanced syllabus also offers theoretical lessons which help students to read music & develop their singing skills.

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Guitar Classes

Mesmerize the world with professional training, received from the best Guitar classes at Jhankaar Music School. Whether you are a school student, homemaker or a working individual, we offer 3 months, 6 months, 12 months & 2 years programs with flexible timings.

Learn the basics of Guitar if you are a beginner or move on to the pro level with our advanced courses. The experienced guitar mentors combine the latest tools & comprehensive music expertise to teach Guitar chords, scales & styles to the students. Whichever is your favorite music genre, our efficient classroom training sessions will improve your style, control, feel & harmony. Our courses also help you in rhythmic strumming, fingerstyle playing & other dynamics.

The students get great learning experience with multiple performance opportunities, live playing sessions, and chances to perform as a part of the band with other enthusiasts.

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3 Month’s Beginner Course

Perfect for beginners, quickly learn the basics of staff notation, reading music & build your confidence.


6 Month’s Advanced Course

Get in tune with the Indian & the global music scene, and master the instrument scales and chords.


12 Month’s Pro Learning

Sharpen your musical craft, gain confidence and perform like a professional with the pro learning course.


2 Year’s Senior Pro Learning

Advance your music career & reach the pinnacle of reading & writing music with the senior pro course.


Our courses provide the following:

Advantage of exclusivity and personalized training from the masters of music

Strengthen your Indian / Western base & develop your musical understanding

Get trained as per your calibre and learning curve

State of the art technology and resources

The best audio-video methods that are easy to grasp

Get transformed into a professional talent that is industry ready

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